Carbon Forecast
2010 Winner-Marty Bauer
Through his experience with The Proving Ground, Marty has since moved onto a new venture, RidePost. He is building an online community that connects people to bring the cost of transportation down and increase ease of mobility. He has been accepted in both the Iron Yard Accelerator in Greenville, SC and the Washington DC based Fortified Ventures Accelerator program.
Garnet Report
2011 Winner-Stephen Bateman
It was the vision of Stephen and his business partner, Randall Stewart, to create a platform where students at USC could access
headlines and daily news on their mobile or computer via email. The site evolved into a Gamecock sports reporting site.
2012 Maxient Social Impact Winner
Watsi is the first global crowdfunding platform for health care, enabling anyone to donate as little as $5 to directly fund medical treatments for individuals who cannot afford care. Watsi has been featured in The Wall Street Journal,NBC, Huffington Post and Fast Company.
The Scholarship System
2012 Participant
The Scholarship System provides a step-by-step process on how anyone can secure college funding. The founder, Jocelyn Pearson, graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2014, and has since become an entrepreneur. She graduated from college with ZERO student loans and
was able to get her entire college experience paid for, including six months living abroad. It is her goal to share her strategies with as many students as possible. She began her entrepreneurial journey as an entrant in the 2012 Proving Ground and was a finals judge for the 2014 event.
2013 Fluor Innovation Winner
Jeff Blethen was in high school in Chicago when he woke up on a bitter cold Chicago night after his covers had fallen to the floor. That was the inspiration for ZzzSock, the revolutionary bedding product that eliminates the everyday hassle of making your bed. The winner of the 2013 Fluor Innovation category in The Proving Ground, Jeff is in the midst of making an infomercial and placing the product in retail stores.
Project Opera Camp
2014 Maxient Social Impact Winner
Project Opera Camp, a two-week day camp designed to promote social, emotional, cognitive and physical development in underserved students through the development of crucial life skills. The campers learn about opera and actually perform one at the end of the fortnight.